Fast, faster, Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode

All aboard: This is how it feels to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h within three seconds – in an electric car. On top of that: Tesla can even do autonomous driving!

Elektroauto Tesla Model S

Depending on the configuration and charging connection, the battery of the electric vehicle Tesla Model S is recharged within four to eight hours. (Picture: Tesla)

The boost is ludicrous. The name Ludicrous Mode of Tesla’s upgrade for its Model S is not a coincidence. The American car manufacturer has built a chip in its electric sports car that raises the voltage temporarily and therefore allows a faster acceleration. The car manufacturer promises: If a driver activates the “Ludicrous Mode”, e.g. in the Model SP90D, the car sprints from 0 to 100 km/h within 3 seconds, which is 0,3 seconds faster than with the series version. Two electric engines with 772 PS in total, a maximum torque of 967 Nm and all-wheel drive make it possible.

The P in the models’ name stands for performance, the 90 stands for a battery with 90 kW/h. This configuration not only allows to go fast but also far. Tesla specifies a range of 505 km according to the New European Driving Cycle. The maximum speed should be around 250 km/h. To make its sportiness visible, the electric speedster has a carbon spoiler on the tailgate. Red four-piston front callipers shimmer through the rimes. You can see all details of the car and several accelerating motions in the following video of Performance Drive :

However, the driving pleasure is not quite cheap. Tesla claims 11,000 Euros for the supplementary equipment. Only recently, Tesla has brought the upgrade for the Model X as well. A retrofitting is possible. The reaction of the car passengers? Priceless, as the following video of Drag Times shows:

If you still have some money, you can order an autopilot. Just by tipping the direction-indicator control the Tesla changes lanes by itself, regulates speed and assumes the parking. Our conclusion: This high-tech function is even more interesting.

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