Accident research: Most incidents happen at the beginning of the week.

On Mondays, there are significantly more accidents happening than on the other weekdays. What is the reason?

Caution on Mondays! Most accidents happen at the beginning of the week. Photo: Jan Grobosch

The Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Medical Services and Welfare Work (BGW) has ordered all work and commute-related accidents from 2015 by weekdays. The result: Most accidents happened on Mondays (20,000 accidents). As the week progressed, the number of accidents decreased. On Fridays, there were only 15,000 accidents happening.

It is no secret that many employees have difficulties to start the working week. The next weekend is still far away. The lethargy at the beginning of the week is known as Monday tiredness. According to the BWG, it is also the reason for the increased risk of accident on Mondays.

Many people sleep late at weekends and modify their circadian rhythm. At the beginning of the week, the body has to get used to get up earlier again. Often, falling asleep on Sunday evening is also a problem. Due to the lie-in at the weekend, a lot of employees aren’t tired at usual bedtime. Moreover, many worry about the upcoming week and suffer from inner unrest, says Jutta Lamers, prevention manager at BWG.

The peak period for accidents is on Monday morning between 7 and 8 am. These are commute-related accidents. Therefore you should schedule enough time on Monday morning to get to work. Ideally, don’t sleep much longer on weekends than during the rest of the week. This would prevent your circadian rhythm from struggling. However, it requires a lot of discipline!

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