Future visions: life in 2030

Within the next 100 years, researchers from the Stanford University plan to present visions about life in future on a regular basis. The focus lies on the development of artificial intelligence.


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The researchers foresee major changes in the following sectors:

Autonomous cars and trucks will characterize the street scenes. Traffic will become safer and less road users will loose their lives. Drones will supply people with goods from the air – Amazon is already starting it today.

At home
Home robots will overtake some tasks at home autonomously. As household tasks are very complex and robots still expensive, the change in this sector will take more time.

Apps and fitness wristbands will acquire data of users even more precisely and will warn them early if something is wrong. Also in regards to early detection of diseases, mobile companions will play an important role. During difficult operations, robots could support surgeons. Intelligent devices can help old or impaired people to live more autonomously.

Learning programs will register the learning progress of students and adapt themselves individually. Also in Kindergarten or Universities, digital teaching content will be used more frequently.

Public safety
Intelligent software could prevent credit card fraud, important networks will be better secured.

Job market
Robots could replace humans in many sectors of working life. The economic model will be modified by artificial intelligence – researchers think, the introduction of unconditional basic income is possible.

The triumph of digital entertainment devices won’t stop.

Researchers think it is important to strictly regulate the use of robots in daily life. The population should be involved in decisions – It would increase their acceptance of artificial intelligence. Legal regulations for liability in regards to robots become necessary.

The Stanford University also has some good news for those who are frightened by the technical progress and the future vision for 2030: These days and also in the next years, there will be no machine that is more intelligent than humans are.

Via: Stanford University

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