Smartphones: Seven tips for safe surfing abroad

Today, mobile phones are permanent companions. If you are on travel, some security measures should be taken. We tell you what you should think of.

When using your smartphone abroad, take special care. photo: Carsten Nallinger

When being abroad, you don’t want to miss the useful functions of your mobile phone. Often, business travellers have to be available and stay in contact with their company at home. The following tips help you to surf safely and carefree – everywhere:

1. Use encrypted accesses

Of course, it depends on which country you are travelling to. However, for being safe you should avoid unencrypted Internet accesses. Otherwise you risk that criminals tap your personal data. When connecting to your company network at home, you must use a VPN tunnel.

2. Be cautious with updates!

If there are no alternatives and you have to use WLAN networks with free access, you should at least not make any updates. This would throw the door wide open for fraudsters. If you are asked to do an “urgent update” after logging on to a public network, disconnect your smartphone immediately!

3. Abstain from online banking

Due to security reasons you shouldn’t perform any sensible transaction as online banking or online shopping when being abroad. A general advice: Don’t save any passwords or PINs on your smartphone or tablet! It would be a nice invitation to hackers.

4. Only be online when necessary

If you don’t need them you should shut down all radio communication like WLAN or Bluetooth. This helps to reduce the risk of unwanted access to your device.

5. Install a locating software

Forgetting your mobile phone in case of stress can happen really fast. In this case it’s very useful if a location software is installed on your smartphone. It doesn’t only locate your device, a remote deleting function make it possible to remove sensible data.

6. Install a safety lock

Whether it is a fingerprint, a password, a combination of numbers or a pattern – all these variations of a safety lock make it harder for thieves to get access to your smartphone or tablet. It’s an essential measure.

7. Take out an insurance policy

If you want to be on the safe side, you can take out an insurance for your mobile device against loss or theft. Many insurance companies offer a house and contents insurance which also covers the device when being used abroad.


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