Wearables Facilitate Everyday Work

The so-called wearables are a further step in making daily work in the industries more efficient. Audi just tested the scanner gloves in a pilot project.

Wearables halten Einzug in der Industrie. Audi setzt nun in der Konzernlogistik einen im Arbeitshandschuh integrierten Scanner ein. Foto: Audi

Wearables conquer the industries. Audi just introduced the glove with an integrated scanner for their group logistics system. (Picture: Audi)

At its site in Ingolstadt, the car manufacturer Audi has introduced a new project for the future. In one of the packing stations a glove is tested that could replace usual barcode scanners. The “ProGlove”-gauntlets have been tested for four weeks and then have been introduced in the CKD (Completely Knocked Down) packing station. This section is responsible for the logistics of large parts that are shipped worldwide in order to build Audi vehicles locally from existing components.

Thanks to the wearabe, the users have both hands free and save additional handles, e.g. for taking the scanner or putting it away. Also walking routes get minimized, the workflow in the CKD packing station becomes more ergonomic. The intelligent glove has a special function button on the index finger that activates the scanning function with a flick of the thumb. The worker doesn’t have to focus on the barcode as the scanning process is integrated in the natural movements of the hands. Via optical (LED light), acoustic (buzzer) and haptic (vibration) signals, the order picker knows that the article has been scanned.

The eye in the glove

The scanner communicates by radio with the receiving unit, which is connected via USB or another serial connection with the computing system. There is no need to install special software. The battery of the wearable is designed for the duration of a shift and needs two hours to recharge.

After the test phase, Audi plans an increased application of the wearables in the production and logistics departments. In parallel to the CKD packing unit, the wearables are also tested in other pilot projects of the manufacturer and shall be introduced company-wide soon.

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