X2Safe: ZF Develops a Networking Concept

The intelligent algorithm called X2Safe shall set a pathway for making the active integration of road traffic safer in future.

X2Safe von ZF kann Fußgänger erkennen, die weder für Fahrer noch Sensorsysteme wie Kamera oder Radar sichtbar sind, und kann Fußgänger sowie Fahrer sowohl optisch als auch akustisch warnen. Foto: obs/ZF Friedrichshafen AG

X2Safe from the company ZF is able to detect pedestrians who aren’t visible for drivers or sensor systems like cameras or radar. The pedestrian as well as the driver get a visual and acoustic warning signal. (Picture: obs/ZF Friedrichshafen AG)

The algorithm makes part of a programme that helps to avoid collisions. X2Safe is cloud-based, which means that the algorithm that has been developed by the automotive supplier ZF is – in theory – available for every road user via external accessible storage. Primarily, ZF sees the application of X2Safe for autonomous driving in cities.

X2Safe is able to communicate with vehicles, smartphones and smartwatches. Therefore, all road users can receive an early warning of possible collisions in road traffic. Autonomous or semi-autonomous systems can coordinate actions. For the first time, X2Safe allows a full interconnection of automobiles and other, usually “weaker” road users. However, the functioning and efficiency depends on the number of users.

Particular benefit to “weaker” road users

Weaker road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are exposed to particular risks. They account for around 50 % of the 1.25 million fatalities worldwide every year. Adolescents and young adults are especially at risk. According to the WHO, 500 children die in road accidents every day. Among young people in the age group of 15-29years, road accidents are the most frequent cause of death. An additional risk for drivers as well as for pedestrians is distracted by the smartphone. Worldwide, a whole generation moves through the cities with their heads bowed – focused on the displays and with plug-ins in their ears.

The intelligence of X2Safe-systems lies in analysing the behaviour of all road users in the surrounding area individually and to decide on a reaction. For example, if a pedestrian doesn’t stop at a red traffic light, it categorizes his behaviour as extremely “unsafe”. An approaching vehicle could be warned. At the same time, the pedestrian himself would also get a warning via smartphone or smartwatch.

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