Electric Cars: Doubts Continue to Prevail

In a national survey on the topic of electric cars DEKRA reports that the surveyed car drivers especially have concerns regarding financial aspects. Over 90 per cent think that electric cars are too expensive.

In theory, a lot of drivers could imagine to switch to an electric car. However, in practice, doubts continue to prevail. Picture: DEKRA

The most important results at a glance:

  • Price, infrastructure and cruising range are the most important obstacles
  • Only every second driver is tempted by state subsidies
  • Every fourth driver in general would be interested

Every fourth driver (26 per cent) is already considering buying an electric car – but just in theory. The doubts are still too serious. This is the result of a national survey of the expert organisation DEKRA with 1,421 participants.

For nine out of ten respondents (91 per cent), the most important obstacle is that electric cars are “still too expensive”. Just as many (90 per cent) criticize that there are “not enough charging stations” available and that the “cruising range is too short” (88 per cent). 76 per cent dislike the “long charging times” and 56 per cent see “too many practical shortcomings” (multiple responses were possible).

On the other hand, most people also know about the advantages of an electric drive. The most important reasons for them are a “reduction of stress on the environment” (83 per cent) and an “improvement of the air quality in cities” (76 per cent). The driving characteristics of electric cars, as for example the improved running smoothness are only relevant to every second respondent (47 per cent). User benefits, like free parking or the right to use bus lanes do only interest every fourth driver (25 per cent).

Government incentives, like a buyer’s premium up to 4,000 Euros and ten years of motor vehicle tax exemption are tempting for more than one out of two drivers (53 per cent). Another result of the survey: men are far more open against the new technology than women. Also younger people do more often consider to buy an electric car compared to old people and do also have less prejudices in detail.

1,421 people, who came to one of the 46 DEKRA service stations for the general inspection, participated in the survey.

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