Acceptance of construction work: DEKRA’s experts offer independent evaluation

DEKRA’s construction experts recommend looking for external expertise regarding the acceptance of construction work when investing in residential properties. Independent experts help with new as well as older real estates that the dream of home ownership stays on time and on budget.

To hedge the purchase of an older real estate, DEKRA’s experts recommend an on-site inspection by a specialist. He should check the most important trades and building components. Picture: DEKRA

For new buildings, inspections during construction are advisable. An independent expert supports the builder to stay on time and on budget of the project. DEKRA recommends doing neutral checks after determined construction stages. If construction defects get detected early and eliminated with mutual agreement, delays in the building progress are prevented which provides security for both, for the owner and the executing firms.

Construction defects, which get detected too late, slow down the progress and endanger the completion. DEKRA recommends six inspections during construction.

  • base plate
  • basement
  • shell construction
  • basic installation of housing technology
  • advanced fitout
  • after building completion

If the high demands of the extensive inspection programme are fully met, DEKRA’s label for “Property inspection during construction” can be awarded.

In any case, a testing of air-tightness according to the procedure B is recommended, in order to detect any problems during the construction phase and to correct them in time. If during the procedure A, leaks and defects get detected, their repair is considerably more expensive and time-consuming.

These works take more time for solid constructions. Sometimes, the credit institute demands a documentation of the building stock for the payment of building credits. In this case, a neutral specialist documents the actual execution state of the real estate independently and with expertise – for new buildings as well as for renovations. This documentation of the building structure can also be used for a comparison with the time and payment schedule.

In order to hedge the purchase of an old piece of real estate, DEKRA’s experts also recommend an on-site inspection by a specialist. He examines the most important trades and building parts: carpentry work, woodworks, metal constructions, floor covering and tiling works, paintwork, wallpaper work, exposed brickwork, concrete surface, facade surface, door and window surfaces, carpenter work, roofing work and plumbing work as well as outdoor facilities. Important: a specialist can also examine electrical engineering and the house installation. For existing properties, an extensive check before the expiry of the guarantee period is recommended.

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