Transport safety in focus

Occupational and load safety aren’t just a matter of conforming with guidelines and legal requirements. They are among the most important criteria for long-term success. For an international business such as Spedition Bode, whose headquarters are in Reinfeld in Schleswig-Holstein, the focus of their work and load safety efforts remains the individual. To support this, the company relies the competency of the DEKRA experts in regular training sessions.

Is correct load securing properly impemented? DEKRA Expert Volker Dührkoop performs regular inspections.   Photo: Norbert Böwing

Test Engineer Volker Dührkoop doesn’t just organize regular work and cargo safety training sessions, but has also elevated them – in cooperation with Bode – to such a level that they attract interest from many in the industry. The training is continuously improved using real-world values. This has long since developed into a strategic advantage for Bode. “Exemplary load securing is a safety win for all road users. Of course, it also benefits the companies that we serve. It really pays off for them,” explains Eckhard Bode. It can be difficult to know which way is up in this turmoil of regulations, stipulations and responsibilities, but it’s worth it. One example: Spedition Bode’s trucks often carry paper rolls which can weigh many tons. Over-tightened straps and the usage of unsuitable edge protectors (or even a complete lack thereof) can rapidly lead to damage. In extreme cases, this can lead to the entire cargo being scrapped, as the paper can no longer be used.


Rolls of paper are difficult to secure. Together with the freight company, the team developed the BOKAS edge protector.  Photo: Norbert Böwing

Cooperative safety product

In cooperation with Spedition Bode, DEKRA Engineer Volker Dührkoop has developed an edge protector – BOKAS – which effectively prevents damage when transporting paper loads. But are the employees of Spedition Bode using the strapping and security devices correctly? Ensuring that they are constitutes another of Dührkoop’s responsibilities, and explains why he is often to be found in the Port of Lübeck, where the huge paper deliveries are loaded. His other expertise – in transshipment – is also in high demand here.

Dührkoop is a certified cargo surveyor, the official term for his job here in the port. His words carry weight. and as a result, a variety of port operators, transport companies and logistics providers have commanded his cargo safety and accident prevention expertise. The fact that safety is such a hot topic here is by no means down to chance – word has spread of Dührkoop’s involvement with Bode, and safety is not just a matter of human health, but also a financial one. “Solid load-securing skills are also important in event of damage. Then it becomes a question of liability, and ultimately money,” confirms Dührkoop. Transport safety is therefore also an investment in long-term client relationships, and thereby corporate success too.


DEKRA Solutions Spedition Bode (2/2) from DEKRA on Vimeo.