City Traffic: Cars Remain Important

Even if driving a car means a lot of stress to people, cars don’t become less important. This is the result of a survey of the ACV.

Even if driving a car in the city means a lot of stress, many people cannot imagine to give up driving their own vehicle. Picture: Pixabay

In its recent survey YouGov, the Automobilclub Verkehr ACV (automobile club traffic) has interviewed drivers about “Urban life: mobility in the city”. For almost half of all people surveyed, city traffic means a lot of stress. However, it seems to be difficult not to use the car anymore. 23 percent answered that under no circumstances, they could imagine giving up their own car.

Taking leave from your car is also a question of age. Younger people are more likely to abandon the idea of an own car, also with arguments like increasing fuel prices. For 16 percent safe parking spaces for bicycles would be a reason to leave the car at home. It is surprising that the fear of bike theft has such a significant impact.

In comparison, carsharing seems to be less attractive to urban population than expected. Only 9 percent would give up their own car in case the car sharing offers would be more flexible. 49 percent said that the main reason for a private car is flexibility and autonomy.

Speed limit of 30 km/h is unpopular

The AVC also asked other key questions, e.g. in regards to driving bans and the blue badge. 28 percent of people in urban living environments reject this initiative, compared to 39 percent in rural living environments. In regards to infrastructural measures, the expansion of the bus and train network is most urgent. For both people in urban and in rural living environments, the expansion is important (42 %).



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