Pflasterpass Initiative: Playful First-Aid Teaching for Kids

Every 18 seconds in Germany, a child hurts itself so severely that it needs medical attention. The charitable initiative Pflasterpass has brought a program to life that introduces kids between four and eight to the subject of first aid. DEKRA conferred the Pflasterpass program with the DEKRA Award 2017 for the “Safety in the Home” category.

Following the first-aid course, the children receive the Pflasterpass box. Photo: Norbert Böwing.

No age is too young to begin with first aid. The Pflasterpass program introduces the topic of first aid to children in a playful manner: “The little hedgehog frolics around with his woodland friends in high spirits. But when one of the other animals is injured, the little hedgehog administers first aid. But then the little hedgehog himself gets injured! The other animals have just seen how to perform first aid, and help with band-aids and dressings. They also know the emergency number 112.” Enchanted, the preschool children listen to the story in this age-appropriate first-aid course offered as part of the Pflasterpass initiative. Afterwards, the kids themselves can stick on band-aids and apply dressings. The children come to appreciate the importance of first aid in a playful manner, and receive a Pflasterpass as a reward.

DEKRA Award 2017 – Safety at home | Pflasterpass gGmbH from DEKRA on Vimeo.

Health experts support the Pflasterpass initiative

“Our principle is simple. The pass documents that basic knowledge of first aid has been imparted to the children,” explains Pflasterpass initiator Frank M. Liehr. By 2022, the charitable organization Pflasterpass GmbH wants to set a national standard for first-aid training and courses directed at children between the ages of four and eight. Health experts support the project. Rainer Seiler, who was involved in building the concept, is convinced: “Even children – once capable in the basics of first aid – can save lives.”

Experienced preschool teacher Leane Müller has just led a Pflasterpass course – she is also a trained nurse. “One can feel just how objectively the kids approach the subject.” She sees massive potential. Over 3,000 children have already been educated. As usual, the kids have loved their session today.

3,000 Children have already received basic first-aid knowledge. Photo: Norbert Böwing.

The Pflasterpass should in future be able to finance itself through donations alone. The declared goal of Frank M. Liehr and Rainer Seiler is to cover Kindergartens across the entirety of Germany with this standardized training. “We want to make big heroes out of little helpers.” Both are already working on a first-aid concept for schools, involving parents in the process. The Pflasterpass is a great start.

Rainer Seiler (left) and Frank M. Liehr, initiators of Pflasterpass, Pflasterpass gGmbH. Photo: Norbert Böwing

Testing organization DEKRA conveys the DEKRA Award for outstanding performances in each of three categories: “Safety on the Road,” “Safety at Work,” and “Safety in the Home.” The focus of the accolade is not products themselves, rather best practices. More information regarding the DEKRA Award can be found at

The winner in the category “Safety on the road”:

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The winner in the category “Safety at work”:

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