Product Training: ŠKODA KODIAQ

This year, car manufacturer ŠKODA offered product training events in Portugal to its salespeople and service consultants. The focus of the training was the new ŠKODA KODIAQ. Testing body DEKRA organized the practical side of the events and accompanied the 9,000 participants.

ŠKODA invited salesmen and service consultants to the product training of the new ŠKODA KODIAQ. Photo: DEKRA

The goal of the training? That the ŠKODA salespersons and service consultants get to grips with the look and feel of the ŠKODA KODIAQ, and learn all the driving facts and product details. “In addition to the comfort aspects, it was important to us that we also present all the functions for driver and passenger safety,” states Vladimir Kapitonov, International Sales Training & Quality Director for ŠKODA Sales.

On the Panorama Drive, a tour into the hinterland of coastal town Albufeira in the Algarve, the participants developed a feel for the car. To this end, ŠKODA provided both diesel and petrol variants of the KODIAQ. The event continued with an off-road trail. The goal here was to master four different obstacles in a safe manner: climbs and descents of up to 30 percent, axle articulation and a 15-meter-long pit, with sand 50 centimeters deep.

Testing organisation DEKRA sent 20 DEKRA experts who accompanied the practical side of the product training. Photo: DEKRA

A further challenge on the course were a series of 30-degree gradients, which the driver had to traverse on alternating sides, and both upwards and downwards. In addition to helpful hints on completing the obstacles, DEKRA experts provided safety information and technical details of the assistance systems by radio.

“The interesting thing was that we had many days of rain – something unusual for that time of year in Portugal. The participants therefore had the opportunity to drive the car in challenging conditions,” explains Kapitonov. The off-road-mode functions and assistance systems such as the automatic power distribution to the individual axles were certainly put to full use. According to Kapitonov, the technical assistants allowed the drivers to complete the course in an especially safe manner.

During the product training, the off-road-mode was used under difficult conditions. Photo: DEKRA

Back on the road, a challenging task awaited the participants. How do I move the car out of a driveway with no visibility of the road? The solution was provided by the 360-degree camera fitted to the ŠKODA KODIAQ. “This exercise worked exceptionally well. It became very clear that such a camera isn’t merely a luxury, rather very helpful in such situations in day-to-day driving,” asserts Kapitonov.

Another highlight was an exercise for the Trailer Assist. When reversing slowly with a trailer, this assistance system takes control and precisely parks the vehicle and trailer. The DEKRA experts explained over the radio how this parking assistant works, ensuring a safety execution.

The assistance system Trailer-Assist of the ŠKODA KODIAQ parks the car along with the trailer safely and precisely. Photo: DEKRA

It was important to ŠKODA that the participants take part in as many practical exercises as possible during the training event. “That’s so important to us, as being able to discuss your own experiences with the car brings the service that you can provide to a whole new level,” Kapitonov emphasizes.

Being able to drive the car themselves, and experience it in action was the crowning point for the ŠKODA employees. Kapitonov was also very satisfied: “I believe the training was a success, and the feedback of the participants confirmed that.”