DEKRA Solutions 3/2018

Yoghurt, wine and Co. are delivered by trucks. The world would grind to a halt without commercial vehicles. Furthermore, driver assistance systems provide a higher level of safety and networked vehicles provide a clever transport. DEKRA solutions presents most exceptional innovations and looks at the logistics sector of tomorrow.

Transport Industry in a Changing World

The big data collection has started: Evaluated data can reduce fuel consumption, enable precise diagnosis of maintenance requirements and parts replacements, make logistics more efficient, and is furthermore an absolute prerequisite to networking and automating mobility. Yet as the value of this data skyrockets, so too does the importance of its protection and relevance of the question: “Who does this data actually belong to?” DEKRA solutions shows what is possible with data analysis.

Before self-driving trucks and buses are gathering on our roads, manufacturers have to master the six levels of automation. But to achieve the highest level, there are other obstacles to overcome too. Read more about this topic in the current issue from page 34 onwards.

Cities are urgently searching for solutions to their traffic issues. But how can you create harmony between the population’s demands for mobility and living spaces? DEKRA solutions presents worldwide transport concepts which aim to enhance life quality and efficiency.

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