DEKRA solutions 3/2019

How will we get around in the future? What drive concepts will prevail and is the e-scooter really the best means of transport for short distances? The current DEKRA solutions will explore these questions. We invite you to dive in with us in the world of mobility.

DEKRA solutions 3/2019

DEKRA solutions 3/2019

Who will win the Race?

Batteries, fuell cells and co.: Alternative drives are destined to replace conventional drives. Which of them have the potential to be environmentally compatible? DEKRA solutions compares five alternative types of drive – see page 8 for the result.

Also in this issue: an interview with Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh. He teaches at the RWTH Aachen and also heads the Technology Management unit of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT. In the interview with DEKRA solutions he explains what kind of alternative drive he sees as prevailing in the future and what still needs to be done on the subject of batteries in terms of CO2 balance.

Which electric car models rank among the top ten? You will find an overview in the current issue starting on page 20. This much can be revealed now: Four models of the top ten are only available in China.

Remapping the world

Finding an address or a position quickly and easily – what3words makes it possible.

Founded as a start-up company, what3words divided the entire Earth’s surface into three-by-three-meter squares – a total of 57 trillion of them. All are provided with a specifically allocated and unique combination of three words. Today, the resulting location service is used by thousands of companies. By the way, do you know what the square is called you are standing on right now? Read more on page 42.

Further topics of this issue: the e-scooter, vehicle inspections worldwide as well as an interview with DEKRA expert Frank Leimbach, the rescue lane, high-voltage training courses and child safety in road traffic.

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