DEKRA solutions Magazine 1/2020

Sustainability affects everyone – whether at home, on the road, or at work. In the current issue of DEKRA solutions you will learn more about the levels at which sustainability has an effect in the company, and how today’s sustainable action determines the economic success of tomorrow. Read more about the possibilities on the way to a sustainable and safe world.

DEKRA solutions 1/2020

DEKRA solutions 1/2020

From a change in thinking to self-propelled success

How sustainability strategies succeed and what companies, which wait in the wings regarding sustainability, keep an eye on can be read on page 8 in the current magazine. The “Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World” shows what everyone can comfortably do for a sustainable development.

Also in the magazine: the power of the elements. On page 20, you can find out about which sustainable inventions have shaped humanity. From the first windmills, to the wheel, to emission-free power plants.

What’s behind AI with IQ? Artificial intelligence and machine learning should be helpful in everyday life. But they can also reinforce discrimination and prejudice. Whoever uses them must thus know about their weaknesses as well. Dive with uns into the world of artificial intelligens from page 26 onwards.

Go Green and Greener Stadia

Other topics in the issue: In an interview with Wolfgang Linsenmaier, Member of the Board of Management of DEKRA SE, the magazine explores the question of what sustainability means for a company. In an infographic, you will learn about the recycling cycles of paper and plastic. And in the story “Greener Stadia”, we present soccer clubs and their sustainability concepts.


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