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Bikes are booming: Many cities have gotten the hang of things and score points with cyclists for good infrastructure and high safety standards. We show you an overview of which cities are ahead of the pack and have the best infrastructure.

Foto: Fotolia - Milan Markovic78

Whether private or business – cycling is booming. Photo: Fotolia – Milan Markovic78

Summer is just around the corner and so is the holiday season. But like so many things, leisure activities have to be redesigned this year. One trend reaching undreamt-of heights in sales figures is cycling. Many a bicycle manufacturer is already having to contend with supply bottlenecks, because no matter whether Melbourne, New York, London, or Hamburg: In cities, it’s time to switch it up. In Corona times, this means shifting from public transport to the bike.

As the “Cycling Cities Index 2019” shows, the metropolises mentioned have by no means been the typical cycling cities. In Melbourne, for example, the number of cyclists in some urban areas has now risen by 79 percent, while in New York the demand for bike-sharing services has shot up, with the number of trips in the first weeks of March rising by almost 67 percent compared to the same period last year. A trend that could continue and possibly lead to a rethinking of urban infrastructure. The top ten cities from the “Cycling Cities Index 2019” show which cities have successfully integrated transport into their urban planning concept even before the new bike boom.


Graphic: Florence Frieser/ETM

The total score was determined by the insurance company Coya from a total of 16 factors, including safety, sharing offers and the quality of the cycle paths. Graphic: Florence Frieser/ETM

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