New Mobility: Out on the Town

With e-bikes, ridesharing, and last mile services, the way we move around in cities is changing rapidly. We provide insight into trends in private and public transport, and on the last mile.

Photo: Shutterstock - Jerome Labouyrie

For many people the bicvcle is the first choice in city traffic. Photo: Shutterstock – Jerome Labouyrie

In addition to new technologies such as automated driving, car-to-x communication or on-demand services, people around the world are increasingly concerned with environmental and sustainability issues. How will we move around the city in the future? Will we really be getting around more on foot? And what about CO2 emissions from traffic on the last mile? Is car-sharing the solution or will e-scooters become established in the long term, with their high increase in number on the roads?

Click through the gallery with facts and figures on private transport, last mile, sharing and public transport.

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Here you will find the complete infographic regarding new mobility from the current print issue DEKRA solutions 2/2020.

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