DEKRA solutions Magazine 1/2022

The COP26 world climate conference in Glasgow showed that global warming, extreme weather events, and the necessary countermeasures concern us all. Countries, businesses and individuals are called upon to act. The current issue of DEKRA solutions is dedicated to the fight against climate change and focuses on the consequences of climate change.

DEKRA Solutions 1/2022

Also in this issue:

Interview with the Climate Scientist Maarten van Aalst

“We aren’t really prepared for what is coming,” says Prof. Dr. Maarten van Aalst, Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Working Group II on the key risks of climate
change. DEKRA solutions spoke to the renowned climate scientist directly after the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, which he attended. In the interview, he spoke about extreme weather conditions and approaches to managing such risks.

Smart and Self-learning

Artificial intelligence is capable of amazing things in many different fields. Testing and certification is an absolute prerequisite for operating relevant systems at low risk. DEKRA plays a key role here.

High-Tech on the Fields

Agricultural apps, driverless tractors, and drones are no science fiction, but lived practice on modern farms. Smart technology and digitization make it possible.

Blue Gold

Hydrogen as an energy supplier is seen as a beacon of hope on the path to climate neutrality. For maximum sustainability, the flammable gas must be generated from renewable energies such as the sun, water, or wind.
DEKRA also sees a lot of future potential in H2.

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