Take a Look at the DEKRA solutions Magazine 2/2022

Safety as a universal basic need is in focus today more than ever. This was also reflected at the IAA TRANSPORTATION, the world’s most important industry trade fair for transport and logistics. The current issue of DEKRA solutions is dedicated to the topic and provides insights into stable processes in logistics, for example. You can also read about the zero-emission commercial vehicles that manufacturers are working on and how the new European Data Act ensures greater transparency in vehicle data.

DEKRA solutions 2/2022

Also in this issue:

Buckling up for the Future

Truck accidents on the roads of this world may be much less frequent than car accidents, but the consequences are often fatal. It all comes down to the optimal interaction between man and machine, as well as protection against cybercrime in the future.

Interview with DEKRA CEO Stan Zurkiewicz

In a world of uncertainties, DEKRA is facing new challenges. In an interview with DEKRA solutions, the new DEKRA CEO Stan Zurkiewicz talks about the defining issues of our times and new possibilities for transformation.

On a High Pressure Track to Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles

When it comes to the future of operating heavy trucks and buses without emissions, there will probably be no way around fuel cells and hydrogen. Even though commercial vehicle manufacturers are working simultaneously on different drive technologies, H2 is very popular among them.

The Mobile Communications of the Future

It was only a few years ago that the 5G mobile communications standard made its debut. Now there is already talk of 6G – 50 times faster than its predecessor 5G. As a result, 6G will improve the possibilities that are already increasingly coming to the fore with 5G: Applications such as automated driving, 3-D communication or networked production. The new mobile communications will also play an important role at DEKRA.

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