Take a Look at the DEKRA solutions Magazine 1/2023

The energy transition is enormously important against the background of climate change. In the current issue of DEKRA solutions, the authors focus on this vital topic and the numerous sustainable ways of generating energy. You can also read how smart dummies are enriching accident research and how they differ from their conventional counterparts.

DEKRA solutions 1/2023. Photo: Alena Butusava/Istockphoto; ArtistGNDphotography

Also in this issue:

„The energy system must be smart and controllable“

The energy crisis poses major challenges for governments and private individuals.
Sustainable energy sources and their availability are a particular focus.

In the interview with Professor Frede Blaabjerg, we talk about climate neutrality by 2050, the storage of solar and wind energy, and current research projects.

This Is How We Catch the Sun

Rooftop systems already account for around 40 percent of photovoltaics installed worldwide. But why not dream bigger? An international study has calculated the true potential of rooftop systems worldwide.

It’s Showtime

As a theater professional, Felix Malkowski likes to take a leading role on stage. Yet he does not expect applause from the stands and stalls. His role is to ensure the safety of the event technology – and the DEKRA expert tends to take over the entire theater to do so.

On the Right Track

Building a new train for the European rail network is a Herculean task for any manufacturer. At the end of the day, the crucial question will be whether the rail vehicle is fully compatible with European and national regulations.

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