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Hydrogen: Gold of the Future

01.12.2021 Environment, Innovation Keine Kommentare

China wants to be climate-neutral by 2060, while the USA, Canada, and the EU are aiming for it as early as 2050. According to the plans of many governments worldwide, hydrogen will play an important role in this endeavor. For the greatest possible sustainability, however, the flammable gas needs to be “green” – i.e. produced from renewable energies such as the sun, water, or wind. DEKRA also sees a lot of potential in “H2”, as the chemical symbol for hydrogen is spelled, in terms of mobility, industry, and buildings.


Wind Energy – The Heavenly Resource

24.11.2021 Clean Air, Environment, Innovation Keine Kommentare

In fairy tales of old, wind is considered a heavenly child, but in times of climate change it’s becoming an indispensable resource. Europe, it has long been clear, needs more wind energy. But how can this potential best be harnessed? On land or at sea? DEKRA solutions has taken a closer look at current technologies and projects.


Occupational Safety: Focus on Health

17.11.2021 Safety at Work Kommentare geschlossen

Healthy, motivated employees are a guarantee of success for any company. However, there’s potential for improvement when it comes to occupational health and safety. The DEKRA Occupational Safety Report 2021 uncovers problem areas and issues in need of improvement. DEKRA expert Dr. Karin Müller also emphasizes what really matters.


On the Safe Side with Snowchains

03.11.2021 Safety on the Road Kommentare geschlossen

If you drive your car exclusively on flat ground during the cold season, you can get by on winter tires. In steeper terrain, a set of snow chains must be included in your winter gear to make sure the vehicle doesn’t get stuck on the road in snow and ice. We took a closer look at the latest traction aids.


New Solutions for City Logistics

29.09.2021 Mobility, Smart Cities Kommentare geschlossen

An impending delivery collapse is threatening many city centers in Europe. E-commerce is revving up at an ever-increasing rate, causing deliveries of parcels and groceries to shoot through the roof in some places. It’s high time for efficient solutions in city logistics. But which approaches could actually help?


Advancing into the Digital Age with Security

22.09.2021 Special Kommentare geschlossen

DEKRA isn’t just pushing ahead with internationalization but is also investing heavily in digitization and sustainability. In an interview with DEKRA solutions, the new DEKRA board members Ulrike Hetzel and Stan Zurkiewicz explain what will matter in the future.


Tuning – What is Possible?

15.09.2021 Safety on the Road Kommentare geschlossen

For many car tuners, off-the-shelf car models are just the raw material they use to execute their technological and artistic visions. To do so, the accessories market offers a cornucopia of possibilities with spoilers, chassis, rims, and steering wheels. We asked DEKRA expert Carsten Debler what tuners must consider today.


High-Tech on the Fields

08.09.2021 Digitalization, Environment, Innovation Kommentare geschlossen

The agricultural industry is rushing into digitization with giant strides. Agricultural machinery manufacturers in particular are demonstrating an ingenuity with digital high-tech that even the automotive industry could learn from. DEKRA solutions took a closer look at the current trends in crop farming.


Take a Look at the DEKRA solutions Magazine 2/2021

06.09.2021 Special Kommentare geschlossen

E-Mobility has arrived in many countries. It is estimated that nearly 11 million e-cars were already on the world`s roads in 2020. And the trend is steeply upwards. It seems that the great era of e-mobility is beginning. For DEKRA, e-mobility is a mission with a perspective: to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, and, above all, safe. The current issue of DEKRA solutions therefore looks at the most important issues surrounding e-mobility.


Charging E-Cars Worldwide

01.09.2021 E-Mobility, Mobility Kommentare geschlossen

Electromobility is gaining momentum. The number of registrations is exploding on all continents as more charging options continue to emerge. As expected, China and the USA have the greatest number of electric vehicles cruising their roads. Only a closer look at the number of e-cars per million inhabitants reveals the true e-champion: Norway.


Road Traffic: A Lifetime of Safety

18.08.2021 Mobility, Safety on the Road Kommentare geschlossen

How can we keep senior populations safe in traffic? The DEKRA Road Safety Report 2021 shows the measures that make a different in regard to people, vehicle technology, and infrastructure.


Solar Energy: Floating Power Plants

04.08.2021 Clean Air, Innovation Kommentare geschlossen

In order to meet its emissions targets and make its energy supply more environmentally friendly overall, the city state of Singapore is relying on high-tech – such as a floating solar power plant. DEKRA is working hard to prepare the testing and certification of such plants.


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