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Your Data, Please!

11.05.2022 Safety on the Road, Special Keine Kommentare

Vehicle data is a well-guarded secret. Even the police have to rely on manufacturers’ goodwill when recording accidents. The new European data law is intended to ensure transparency – and could raise police work in Europe to a new level. In the future, regulated access to vehicle data will also be essential for accident analysis and vehicle testing.


Teleoperated Driving – The Call From Afar

20.04.2022 Innovation, Mobility, Safety on the Road Kommentare geschlossen

Remote-controlled toy cars are the biggest hit with many kids. So what about remote-controlled real cars? Teleoperated driving is a young technology, and applications in transportation companies and logistics are still limited. Despite this, does teleoperated driving have what it takes to become an independent form of mobility? Or is it a step toward driverless driving?


Aviation – Starting all over Again

23.03.2022 E-Mobility, Innovation Kommentare geschlossen

For the aviation industry, sustainable flight is the task of the century. Of course, alternative propulsion systems with batteries, hydrogen, and fuel cells also play an important role. But engineers can’t simply pack tons of batteries into an airplane. What we need now are radical and revolutionary aircraft and propulsion concepts.


“The DEKRA Safety Platform Offers Us Great Added Value”

16.03.2022 Safety at Work Kommentare geschlossen

Dutch consultancy, engineering and project management company KH Engineering uses DEKRA’s cloud-based safety tool to sustainably optimise processes on construction sites and to ensure smooth and safe operations.


Rail Transport – Alternatives to Diesel

09.03.2022 Clean Air, E-Mobility, Mobility Kommentare geschlossen

Electric traction under an overhead contact line is the ultimate benchmark in European rail transport. If only there weren’t the many main and branch lines that still use diesel engines. More and more rail operators are now revamping their fleets – alternative drives for locally emission-free train travel are in demand.


Climate Change in Numbers

23.02.2022 Environment, Special Kommentare geschlossen

The Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published in August 2021, shows what can already be observed in many regions around the world: Climate change is here. More than 230 authors from 66 countries evaluated and summarized over 14,000 scientific papers on climate research. An overview.


Risk Management in Times of Climate Change

19.01.2022 Environment Kommentare geschlossen

Climate change isn’t without consequences. Individuals, companies, and countries are called upon to take preventive action, but also to respond to immediate consequences.


Sustainability as an Imperative

12.01.2022 Environment, Innovation Kommentare geschlossen

In order to achieve the international climate targets that have been set – among other things, global warming must be limited to 1.5 degrees – almost all players in the automotive sector are stepping up their efforts to significantly reduce their carbon footprint with a wide range of measures.


Take a Look at the DEKRA solutions Magazine 1/2022

11.01.2022 Special Kommentare geschlossen

The COP26 world climate conference in Glasgow showed that global warming, extreme weather events, and the necessary countermeasures concern us all. Countries, businesses and individuals are called upon to act. The current issue of DEKRA solutions is dedicated to the fight against climate change and focuses on the consequences of climate change.


Design Product Synthetic Fuels

08.12.2021 Clean Air, Environment, Mobility Kommentare geschlossen

In regard to the efforts in making transportation more sustainable, e-fuels aren’t just a technical issue, but also a political one. Europe and European companies in particular are working on industrial-grade facilities.


Hydrogen: Gold of the Future

01.12.2021 Environment, Innovation Kommentare geschlossen

China wants to be climate-neutral by 2060, while the USA, Canada, and the EU are aiming for it as early as 2050. According to the plans of many governments worldwide, hydrogen will play an important role in this endeavor. For the greatest possible sustainability, however, the flammable gas needs to be “green” – i.e. produced from renewable energies such as the sun, water, or wind. DEKRA also sees a lot of potential in “H2”, as the chemical symbol for hydrogen is spelled, in terms of mobility, industry, and buildings.


Wind Energy – The Heavenly Resource

24.11.2021 Clean Air, Environment, Innovation Kommentare geschlossen

In alten Märchen gilt der Wind als himmlisches Kind, in Zeiten des Klimawandels avanciert er jedoch zur unverzichtbaren Ressource. Europa, das steht längst fest, braucht mehr Windenergie. Aber wie lässt sich dieses Potenzial am besten nutzen? An Land oder auf See? DEKRA Solutions hat sich aktuelle Technologien und Projekte genauer angesehen.


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