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DEKRA solutions Magazine 2/2021

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E-Mobility has arrived in many countries. It is estimated that nearly 11 million e-cars were already on the world`s roads in 2020. And the trend is steeply upwards. It seems that the great era of e-mobility is beginning. For DEKRA, e-mobility is a mission with a perspective: to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, and, above all, safe. The current issue of DEKRA solutions therefore looks at the most important issues surrounding e-mobility.


Charging E-Cars Worldwide

01.09.2021 E-Mobility, Mobility Kommentare geschlossen

Electromobility is gaining momentum. The number of registrations is exploding on all continents as more charging options continue to emerge. As expected, China and the USA have the greatest number of electric vehicles cruising their roads. Only a closer look at the number of e-cars per million inhabitants reveals the true e-champion: Norway.


Road Traffic: A Lifetime of Safety

18.08.2021 Mobility, Safety on the Road Kommentare geschlossen

How can we keep senior populations safe in traffic? The DEKRA Road Safety Report 2021 shows the measures that make a different in regard to people, vehicle technology, and infrastructure.


Solar Energy: Floating Power Plants

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In order to meet its emissions targets and make its energy supply more environmentally friendly overall, the city state of Singapore is relying on high-tech – such as a floating solar power plant. DEKRA is working hard to prepare the testing and certification of such plants.


Hitting the Road in a Motorhome – an Epic Adventure

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True motorhome enthusiasts love a tidy interior. After all, it only takes one sharp braking maneuver for everything that isn’t nailed to the floor to turn into dangerous projectiles. We asked DEKRA expert Peter Rücker how to mitigate risks when loading and securing loads.


Electric Car: Always Charged to the Max?

16.06.2021 E-Mobility, Special Kommentare geschlossen

Driving requires energy – and that applies to electric cars just as much as it does to combustion engines. However, different rules apply at the electric charging station than at the diesel or gasoline pump. What does “filling up” actually mean with regards to an electric car? Does it use alternating current or direct current? And when is the best time to pull the plug? We asked DEKRA experts.


Electric Car: The Power Comes from the Cell

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Range is the holy grail of electromobility. It determines whether an electric car is perceived as a fully-fledged vehicle. In the competition for best energy source, the lithium-ion battery currently holds the best cards. Speaking in favor of this battery type is its good ratio between weight and range.


Electric Car: Efficient under the Hood

02.06.2021 E-Mobility, Safety on the Road Kommentare geschlossen

If it were just a matter of aesthetics, an e-motor could hardly compete against the elegance of a six-cylinder. Since it’s basically comprised of compact housing, magnets, copper wire, and a shaft – the potential for a grand spectacle is rather limited. E-motors have to impress with their inner values. And they have plenty of those.


Electric Car: Mission with Good Prospects

26.05.2021 E-Mobility Kommentare geschlossen

An electric car is essentially just another car on four wheels. Yet it’s likely to replace the internal combustion engine in the long run. To what technologies do electric cars owe their success? And does the electric car truly have ecological potential? We take a look under the e-car hood in a short series. Follow us!


Superheroes in the Name of “Vision Zero”

19.05.2021 Safety on the Road, Special Kommentare geschlossen

They get bumped, hurled and hit – all in the name of safety. Dummies provide important insights in a wide array of crash-, sled-, and catapult facilities as well as test rigs at the DEKRA Crash Test Center in Neumünster and the DEKRA Automotive Test Center in Klettwitz.


Car Cleaning – Foam Party at the Car Wash

05.05.2021 Safety on the Road Kommentare geschlossen

In spring, it’s time for a thorough car wash. This requires the right care products, cleaning equipment, and a good washing area. However, it’s not a good idea to tackle the paintwork using household remedies. We asked DEKRA expert Thilo Kunst how to successfully spring clean a car.


Clean Air for the World

17.03.2021 Clean Air Kommentare geschlossen

Breathing clean air can’t be taken for granted. In many parts of the world, people breathe polluted air. Our health is at stake if, for example, particulate matter or nitrogen dioxide enters our lungs. A need for action exists in many places.


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