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Within one’s own four walls, the risk of an accident is often underestimated: almost 10,000 people died in an accident in a house or apartment in 2015, and the trend is rising. This means that the risk of an accident at home is higher than that of dying in a traffic accident. The most common cause of death is falling. So Safety at Home is a very important topic.

Appropriate measures can significantly increase safety at home. Important aspects in accident prevention are attentiveness and awareness of dangers.

In the meantime, the Internet of Things is playing an increasingly important role in private households. Intelligent household technology also collects sensitive and personal data. It is not only relevant how providers use these data, but also how well IoT devices are protected against misuse. In times of smart homes, cybersecurity is indispensable. The deeper networking in the household progresses, the more dangerous hacker attacks are.