DEKRA solutions 2/2019

Safety is very important to us – especially for children. Did you know that around two-thirds of  all accidents happen at home or on the playground? The current DEKRA solutions shows where dangers lurk for children and covers a wide range of topics, from silent killers at home to the risks of artificial intelligence such as Alexa and Co. Don’t miss out on it.

Play it safe

Parents keep a close watch on everything that may even come close to harming their children: food, clothing, toys, their way to school, the list goes on. But is one hundred percent safety even achievable? Our author shows starting from page 8, where dangers lurk, how we deal with it and what we have to keep in mind.

Also in the new issue: Playground testers in action. The DEKRA playground testers are once again doing their rounds. Each spring, they commence their tour of Germany’s playgrounds and test the apparatus’ safety. Join the experts in their work.

Electromobility has also found its way into the so-called ‘last mile.’ Commuters, hipsters and urbanites are all jumping on their e-scooters, hoverboards and monowheels. Are these electric micro-vehicles the solution to urban traffc chaos? How safe are the scooters?  You will find an answer from page 33.

Just a regular trip to the grocery store is enough to bring many potentially hazardous substances into the home: Glass cleaner, adhesives, dishwashing liquid, stain remover. At first glance harmless, belying the dangers within. The guide on page 19 of the new DEKRA solutions provides important information and an overview of ten typical pollutants and hazardous substances at home.

Enjoy the whole issue here:

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