DEKRA solutions 2/2018

Will VR glasses soon replace the beach vacation? Will we travel to Mars in the future? Digital technology already allows you to spend and design your leisure time in an extraordinary manner. DEKRA solutions presents perspectives for the dream journeys in the future.

Modern Technologies are Revolutionizing Holidays

Leisure planning is changing. With useful apps you can find the most beautiful places and cheapest bargains. Your next vacation may not take place on Planet Earth anymore. DEKRA solutions takes a look at space tourism – but already today Mars can be easily explored from home by 3D trip.

When was your smartphone turned off the last time? Escaping the media information consumption for a while, can be balm for your soul. In the new issue, editor Nicole Graaf reports on the ultimate multimedia break in the Himalaya Mountains.

In addition, the current magazine is concerned with the wearables trend: Smartwatches keep track of every step we take and measure heart rate as well as sleep patterns. The aim of the constant collection of data is to improve your fitness – but it can also be a burden for the psyche.


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